Art Without Bars is an association that has been active in Belgian prisons since 2000.
Since its inception, Art Without Bars has been a “not for profit” organization.

Our venture number is 873 751 749 and our financial (bank) account number is IBAN BE23 7340 1475 2291

Council of management and founders

Anne Jolie Agnes Rammant Lydia Deveen
Directeur  Voorzitter  Ere-voorzitter 
Anne Jolie dr. med. Agnès Rammant – Peeters dr. Lydia Deveen – De Pauw prof. em.

Board members:


Li Gommeren Alain Harford
Jan Ceuleers Charles-A. de Liedekerke ✝
Anne Jolie Christiane Bruyninckx
Agnès Peeters Frans de Pauw prof. em. ✝
Hélène Delperdange Paul Cosyns prof. em.
Jean-Pierre Rammant Hubert Peeters
Katy van Londen Jean-Pol Delfosse
  Marcel De Maeyer prof. em.
  Roger Dillemans prof. em.
  Rolf Quaghebeur


The organisation has 10 female volunteers and exists to support interns from the institute for cultural studies of the KULeuven and the social college Heverlee. The organisation examines each offer of voluntary aid and accepts with thanks offers of financial support.

ACCOUNT NUMBER: IBAN BE23 7340 1475 2291
VENTURENUMBER: 873 751 749