Project I: Inmate art from the interbellum

Inmate art – a recent term in the west – is art that has been made by people who have been placed in solitary confinement because of criminal activity. After his death on 24 January 1960, Doctor Jean Lacassagne, a champion of this specific art branch, almost fell into oblivion. He was born in Lyon (1886) as son of the famous law doctor Alexandre Lacassagne, who introduced as a dermatologist, the tattoo as a subject of study. Inspired by the sick-calls with his father to the hospitals and penitentiaries of his birth city, Jean published (later as a dermatologist) largely concerning this subject. After his fathers death, Jean even inherited a photograph file decorated with tattoos, and even a service decorated with tattoos.
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Project II: Inmate Tattoo

Since way back a tattoo has been an important means of ventilating feelings in a seemingly indelible manner. Yet still a taboo dominates this practice in the penitentiary context. Among other difficulties the rise in clandestine use of self-manufactured equipment for producing tattoos has contributed to the spread of HIV and hepatitis.
In 2007, an agreement arose with the penitentiary government concerning a cooperation conducted over a full year between the organization and inmates of Oudenaarde with as a result an exhibition which would create an open discussion concerning tattoo practices and body painting. The exhibition The ornamental body is spread out over three shutters.
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Project III: Contest with Crumble

This project which deals with the technique of sculpting with breadcrumb, moved to the field of care for mentally diseased and is now currently developed a.o. in l’Atelier La Gerbe (Brussels).
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Project IV: Art Story

The artist Anne-Mie Van Kerchoven was asked to choose a series of masterpieces from the history of mankind. The new didactic tool was named the artpad. It suits those already familiar with art as well as those who aren’t familiar with it yet. This big book with removable pages can also be used as easel.
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Project V: Top Hats

In the Spring 2017 Art Without Bars introduced TOP HATS, a project conceived for citizens who, though still in contact with Justice, reside outside the prisons. Especially for them artistic workshops were organized on Tuesdays in 2017-18. Groups of Top Hats succeeded each other after 6 months.
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